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With several years of experience as a Mistress, I have extensive knowledge of the fetish realm. I will understand your needs more than you understand them yourself.

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TEXT +64 21 029 61027

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Take a look at my other website or social media account, so you can see you are serving a true Mistress, from the comfort of your own place.

Talk to you soon,

Mistress V xxx 

Rueben - Western Australia 

“Such a smooth experience, she is so fun to chat with, she made me feel brave enough to send intimate images.  She knows me so well over such a short space of time. You have a long term sub here Miss V - on my knees Roo ."

Cam -Sydney

"BEST MOMMY DOMME EVER, can't wait for the next session" 

MR X - Wellington

"Why don't you live in Wellington, I am envious of your in person subs, I will be up soon for a cash meet."

Steve - US 

"Your voice is next level, that in itself has the ability to make me do anything, you give my life meaning again, thank you for the time you allow me - Yours Steve"

Pavan - Auckland

“I am addicted to your feet MISS, your photo collection is beauty. Also you are so easy to talk to, make me feel ok about my fetish and I am not weird”

Gooner - Finland

"Wowee, I wish I find sooner, I love the ASMR voice you have to make me feel hypnotised over you."
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